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What do we collect for?

We collect for the opening of the factory and start production for the US and Canadian markets. The factory would be built in North Dakota – a place famous for sunflower cultivation. The first stage is to purchase land for the factory. The next stage is the construction of the factory itself. Its completion will allow the Naturally Non Allergic cat litter to be introduced to the market and help all cats with allergies and skin problems.

How much money do we need?

According to our estimates, the implementation of all three stages is possible with a budget of USD 20 million.

Why is it worth supporting us?

We strive to create and market litter for allergic cats. Even a small amount of donation can significantly help build a factory. Every donation matters. Building a factory is not only a dream come true – your contribution is a help for every cat and its owner who are waiting for allergy cat litter.

How can you support us non-financially?

I understand that not all of you can make a donation. You can help otherwise. Inform your friends and family about this action, shared the information on Facebook. For sure you know the owner of the cat, maybe even an allergic cat. They are waiting for Naturally Non Allergic cat litter. The more people know about our collection, the faster we will build our factory. We are waiting for your every help.

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