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Amazing formula!

The hulls of the sunflower is edible, so it will not harm if it will be swallowed by your pet or a human. Even if swallowed more of the clumping litter, it will not hurt because “Naturally Non Allergic” thanks to the patented composition, cat litter will clump up only in cat urine, not react with others liquids as well as with saliva. Sunflower husk fabric litter is safe for kittens, cats prone to infections and convalescents after surgery.

New generation of Cat Litter!

“Naturally Non Allergic” is a series of absolutely new generation product with patented formula. This litter is made from natural ingredients like plant material- sunflower shells. Sunflower shells does not contain protein that maybe cousing allergies in pets and people. All litter ingredients used in the production process have food certificates. We created and patented this revolutionary “Naturally Non Allergic” litter because we heard the needs of pets’ owners, looking for the best natural, organic products which are more effective than those avalible on the market in line with the current awareness of being eco.

“Naturally Non Allergic” meets the expectations of all those who attach importance to ecology. We have created a product from natural, naturally occurring on our planet and completely renewable and biodegradable raw material. Our litter is created from sunflower shells formed in the production of sunflower oil and grains for human consumption. You do not have to cut down trees or use artificial ingredients to obtain the raw material needs for that product.

One of the biggest advantages of  “Naturally Non Allergic” litter is its unrivaled ability to absorb unpleasant odors. Compared to other litter from leading brands, sunflower shells litter is the best in absorbing and retaining the smell of cat urine. Tests prove this.

“Naturally Non Allergic” has a dark gray color and a natural slightly sunflower fragrance. It is characterized by a significantly lower level of dusting, thus reducing the risk of cats suffering from upper respiratory tract infection.

“Naturally Non Allergic” is recommended by veterinarians primarily because it does not cause allergies in cats and humans, but also because is low dusting, good absorption of odors and hygiene of use.

8 years of laboratory work

During 8 years of laboratory work, we have proven that sunflower husk litter does not cause allergy in animals or humans, because it contains a negligible amount of protein.

There are two types of sunflower husk:

1. After squeezing: sunflower oil

2. After the process of separating: the grain from the husk.

For the production of Naturally Non Allergic it is recommended to use the second type of sunflower husk. The reason is that this type of sunflower husk has much less protein. This is the basis of the fact that Naturally Non Allergic does not cause allergies in animals or humans.

What is a cat’s allergy?

Allergy is primarily associated with an overreaction of the immune system, and its symptoms can be very diverse. In some cats, the allergy is mild, but in some cases the symptoms are very bothersome and negatively affect the quality of cats life.
There are many types of allergies and allergens and many types of therapy. To make the right diagnosis, you need the right tests, but most common factors causing allergies in cats are mites, fleas, something in their diet, and allergens in their environment.

Sensitizing agents causing allergies include:

 – fleas venom,
– food allergens,
– inhalation allergens,
– contact allergens

DA: dermatitis atopica

DA: dermatitis atopica most commonly associated with inhaled allergens. The main allergens in this case are:

– house dust mites,
– epidermis,
– tree pollen,
– grass pollen,
– crabgrass, fungi.

DA symptoms in cats:

itchy skin is the most often located around the mouth, on the tips of the paws;
lichen skin changes;
ear and conjunctivitis, sometimes asthmatic changes.
Contact allergy

In the case of contact allergy, the reaction occurs as a result of direct skin contact with the allergen. This usually applies to skin lesions after contact with plastic beds, collars, toys. The skin lesions are most visible at the place of contact with the allergen. Treatment consists of removing the sensitizing object and desensitizing the cat.

Cats treatment

Treatment focuses on eliminating the sensitizing factor. To detect an allergenic agent, should be carried out tests similar to those performed on humans. Tests can be done only in larger facilities.

The most common hypersensitivity to several allergens, which are ubiquitous and unavoidable. Once we know the allergen, we can begin to desensitize your pet. In this situation, water allergens are administered subcutaneously and their concentration is gradually increased. Desensitization in this form lasts several months. The effects are obtained when the cat is allergic to only one allergen.

The owner should be aware that the pet affected by atopy will suffer from relapses for the rest of its life.  

Clay vs. sunflower.

The resources we consume can be divided into non-renewable and renewable. The former are all fossil fuels (bentonite, clay and other elements.) The latter are water, forests and other vegetation, animals, soil.
Fossil fuels were built up in the earth’s crust hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago. Their deposits are limited, and new ones will not be built in a short time. If we use them up, the next generation will have a serious problem.
Renewable means that, if properly managed, these resources are not depleted and can be used indefinitely. Animals reproduce, plants keep growing, water circulates in the atmosphere.

What can we do for the Earth?

Every minute the Earth surface shrinks by an area equal to 36 football fields. But all of us can do something that matters. Important is to make a thoughtful decision during daily shopping. Choose natural and eco-friendly products. Naturally Non Allergic cat litter is made in 100% from natural ingredients. But the most important, “Naturally Non Allergic” cat litter is made from sunflowers shells – product than is a waste from oil production. Something that normally is a waste right now can be used as a full blown product.

Make wise decision every day and help our planet.

Hypoallergic is not non allergic.

“Hypo” is a word of Greek origin and means “Less”. Therefore, products marked as Hypoallergenic mean nothing less, no more than simply less allergic products. However, these are not non allergenic products. Each product can therefore be hypoallergenic, but not all can be non-allergenic.

The term hypoallergenic appeared in the 1950s. It sounds scientific, but it was created for the purposes of marketing and advertising, mainly cosmetics. Quickly it was widely adopted in other industries.

The widespread use of the word hypoallergenic based on the fact that there are no strictly defined standards or guidelines which allows the product to be considered hypoallergenic. There is no legal or scientific definition of the word hypoallergenic.