Allergy is primarily associated with an overreaction of the immune system, and its symptoms can be very diverse. In some cats, the allergy is mild, but in some cases the symptoms are very bothersome and negatively affect the quality of cats life.
There are many types of allergies and allergens and many types of therapy. To make the right diagnosis, you need the right tests, but most common factors causing allergies in cats are mites, fleas, something in their diet, and allergens in their environment.

Sensitizing agents causing allergies include:

 – fleas venom,
– food allergens,
– inhalation allergens,
– contact allergens

DA: dermatitis atopica

DA: dermatitis atopica most commonly associated with inhaled allergens. The main allergens in this case are:

– house dust mites,
– epidermis,
– tree pollen,
– grass pollen,
– crabgrass, fungi.

DA symptoms in cats:

itchy skin is the most often located around the mouth, on the tips of the paws;
lichen skin changes;
ear and conjunctivitis, sometimes asthmatic changes.
Contact allergy

In the case of contact allergy, the reaction occurs as a result of direct skin contact with the allergen. This usually applies to skin lesions after contact with plastic beds, collars, toys. The skin lesions are most visible at the place of contact with the allergen. Treatment consists of removing the sensitizing object and desensitizing the cat.

Cats treatment

Treatment focuses on eliminating the sensitizing factor. To detect an allergenic agent, should be carried out tests similar to those performed on humans. Tests can be done only in larger facilities.

The most common hypersensitivity to several allergens, which are ubiquitous and unavoidable. Once we know the allergen, we can begin to desensitize your pet. In this situation, water allergens are administered subcutaneously and their concentration is gradually increased. Desensitization in this form lasts several months. The effects are obtained when the cat is allergic to only one allergen.

The owner should be aware that the pet affected by atopy will suffer from relapses for the rest of its life.